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    Dead Babies

    chris c
    chris c

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    Dead Babies Empty Dead Babies

    Post by chris c Sun Jul 30 2017, 00:01

    Well it was terribly sad about poor little Charlie Gard, but inevitable really once the Courts got involved that they would back up the doctors' decision to let him die and refuse him (expensive) treatment abroad, and especially to prevent the parents even taking him there with their own (donated) money.

    Meanwhile the court elsewhere has yet again decreed that someone with a terminal illness shall be denied the right to take his own life when the suffering becomes unbearable.

    Just a thought, his case was so unique that since he was inevitably going to die without treatment, and highly likely to die even WITH treatment, if they had permitted him to go at least he would have provided some important data first.

    And he might have survived like Ashya King

    Another one the hospital decreed shall not get the treatment his parents requested, yet who survived and is even thriving. Yet they are still being vindictive.

    I wonder how long before someone is taken to court for refusing to eat the diet they are told to eat. Or for writing a blog or tweeting something doctors, or dieticians, find unacceptable.

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