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    From a Dark Place


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    From a Dark Place Empty From a Dark Place

    Post by Wobblycogs Mon Aug 03 2020, 14:44

    I think I posted this missive in the wrong place, so here goes again.

    Hello folks.
    I recently returned from a dark place. Sounds ominous? Yes, it does and yes it was! I fell of the low-carb wagon and got stuck in a rut. I was neck deep in self-pity. I was eating salad sandwiches, bacon butties, chip butties, porridge with sugar and bars of Galaxy chocolate. All for convenience, instead of cooking decent food. It wasn't the fault of 'lock-down', nor was it anything to do with the fact that my lady-wife Jean was taken into full care four years ago; although none of that helped matters.

    Then about three weeks ago, I almost fell out of bed trying to get into my trousers. I couldn’t get my right leg to stay at the right angle, to get it down the trouser-legs and had to wear a pair of baggy shorts which were easier to don. Finally, I managed to get myself dressed and I looked in the mirror. I didn't recognise the slob I was seeing in the glass. My lower limbs were swollen to the size of a baby-elephant's leg; and were weeping. My feet were looking like they were about to drop off, and they were so numb I could barely walk about my house. The only plus was the fact they weren't cold, and the blood still seemed to be circulating.

    I was also coughing up fluid, due to arrhythmia, and I was sweating like a race-horse with the slightest exertion. I couldn't wear socks of any sort, and I couldn't get into a pair of proper shoes; my footwear consisted of slippers the size of rubber dinghies, and my legs were continually raising into blisters which kept on bursting. Lower legs were a decoupage mess of dressings, and raw honey to prevent infection. (That worked!) I was in a sorry looking mess. I was ashamed of myself for letting myself get into this pickle.

    I blamed the attack of Cellulitis I had last year, which resulted in the need for three months’ rehab, to get me walking again; except it wasn’t really that.

    So I jumped back onto the wagon, and reverted to a really low-carb diet; virtually a Keto plan.

    After just three weeks my legs are still swelling, but are only half the size they were. My skin has stopped splitting and no longer weeps and the blisters are fewer and further between. The numbness has gone from my feet, and they are looking more like feet again (That is, my feet!) I also managed to get into a comfy pair of trainers too. I still don’t want to wear socks, because it’s too hot here! I know I have lost weight, but not measured how much. I think it’s water weight mostly and probably visceral fat has reduced too. My arrhythmia is much less troublesome and I cough only on rising, after a good night’ sleep. The moral is obvious. I am NOT falling of the wagon again. (I checked my weight and am 19 stones... A loss of 14 lbs. )

    So I hope this true story will convince anyone who is hivering or hovering over the decision to eat low-carb. You have nothing to lose but misery and excess weight. Go for it.
    (By the way, my latest blood tests are very favourable and the Doc wonders how I did it! lol!
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