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    Cynical Thoughts

    chris c

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    Cynical Thoughts

    Post by chris c on Mon Jun 05 2017, 22:49

    Well of course the Manchester bombing was a horror, as was the latest London attack.

    But I wonder just how long it takes for seven diabetics to die and 48 to have their limbs amputated. Not long I suspect.



    "The glycemic index (GI) of dietary carbohydrate is thought to affect glucose homeostasis. Recently, the Effect of Amount and Type of Dietary Carbohydrates on Risk for Cardiovascular Heart Disease and Diabetes Study (OmniCarb) trial reported that a low-GI diet did not improve insulin sensitivity. We conducted this ancillary study of the OmniCarb trial to determine the effects of GI and carbohydrate content on glucose homeostasis and inflammation."

    Frequency of Undiagnosed Diabetes Mellitus in Patients With Acute Coronary Syndrome

    Let the slaughter continue . . . it would make me depressed except for this

    Alterations in mood after changing to a low-fat diet

    which no doubt explains a lot about the low carb antis

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