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    Featured food of the week Scallops


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    Featured food of the week Scallops

    Post by Eddie on Fri Aug 22 2014, 18:22

    Another great food idea and photograph from the mega Simply Recipes site

    Mudeford Quay Dorset

    King scallops

    I usually keep to food ideas that everyone can afford, let's face it we could all low carb eating fillet steak, lobsters and caviar etc. Every now and again we push the boat out, and scoff King Scallops we get from a great fresh fish shop at Mudeford Quay in Dorset. King scallops are very expensive, but if I could afford it I would live on them. We used to live a few miles away on the South Coast and spent many happy hours on the Quay.The kids used to like catching little crabs with bits of bacon on the end of a little hand held line set up, all put back in the sea alive at the end of the session.

    The way I cook 'em, the scallops, not the kids, is in a hot frying pan with a little butter. When they are just starting to lightly brown, get 'em out quick, over cook them and they are ruined. Serve on a bed of double creamed wilted spinach. Low carb tough, not for me and Jan. Just don't ask me to do the washing up, groan !

    Kind regards Eddie

    Type two diabetic-low carb diet (50 carbs per day) and two 500mg Metformin pills per day. Apart from diagnosis HbA1c almost 12-all HbA1c results none diabetic. For over eight years my diabetes medication has not changed. My weight has remained stable, I have suffered no ill effects from my diet whatsoever. Every blood test has proved, I took the right road to my diabetic salvation. For almost seven years, I have asked medical professionals and naysayers, how do I maintain non diabetic BG levels on two Metformin other than low carb ? The silence has been deafening !

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    Re: Featured food of the week Scallops

    Post by Paul1976 on Sat Aug 23 2014, 18:06

    They look handsome!  Very Happy Gotta agree-they're pricey but as a treat-totally worth it!
    As you say-show 'em the pan otherwise you'll end up with a rubber eraser! I used to eat them served with Black pudding-very nice but black pudding is a wee bit too carby for me these days so if I'm really treating myself and my wife I'll have them with a nice fat marbled steak as a 'Surf 'n' Turf' or sometimes a few on their own cooked in butter and served with a big wedge of lemon to squeeze over them is a nice starter. Smile

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