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    Those 80s low fat diet fads destroyed my bones,' says Green Goddess Diana Moran


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    Those 80s low fat diet fads destroyed my bones,' says Green Goddess Diana Moran

    Post by graham64 on Sun Jan 24 2016, 22:32

    1. TV fitness guru Diana Moran followed low-fat diet which had little calcium 
    2. 'The Green Goddess' on BBC breakfast in the 1980s now has osteopenia
    3. She says deficiency of calcium and Vitamin D led to bone thinning disease 

    Clad in trademark emerald leotard and leggings, glamorous Diana Moran fully lived up to her nickname The Green Goddess during the height of her fame in the 1980s when she instructed the women and men of Britain to ‘wake up and shape up’ in her regular televised workout slots on BBC1’s Breakfast Time.

    In many ways, she was the UK’s own Jane Fonda – but Diana, who at 76 still sports that same enviably trim physique that allowed her to wear the most eye-wateringly unforgiving Lycra ensembles, is wary of the comparison.

    ‘Jane was all about going for “the burn”. But by the time I was presenting exercise on television, I was already in my 40s and it wouldn’t have fitted for me at that stage in my life to be doing all the high-impact exercise. In hindsight, I think I made a good decision.’

    Fonda, 78, who has osteoarthritis and has undergone multiple joint replacements, said in a blog: ‘My 25 years of eating disorders didn’t help… and perhaps my decade of running made it worse.’

    Diana believes her freestyle fitness regime – a combination of aerobic moves, dance and stretching – may have saved her hips and knees. ‘I’ve never had any aches and pains in my joints,’ she says cheerfully.

    But she recently discovered she suffers from a different orthopaedic condition from Fonda: the bone-thinning disease osteopenia. 

    And, while Diana never starved herself, she believes diet fads of yesteryear might be behind her own diagnosis, which can be brought on by a deficiency of calcium or Vitamin D.

    Full story here:

    I'm a skinny T2 diagnosed 4/4/2008, a high calorie LCHF diet and one metformin a day A1c 6.2 and no complications.

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    Re: Those 80s low fat diet fads destroyed my bones,' says Green Goddess Diana Moran

    Post by Jan1 on Mon Jan 25 2016, 10:51

    I can remember watching Diana / The Green Goddess, and now at 76yrs I bet she still looks amazing.

    As we age our body does change, it's only natural ... but I do think we know more about eating, whole real foods,  and the importance it brings.

    I went over and read the full article ... and noticed Zoe Harcombe had also commented.

    " ‘There has been a sea change in thinking over the past few years and we’ve become more sophisticated in how we regard fat,’ admits Diana. ‘Experts now realise fat isn’t bad – in fact it is quite good for you.’
    Nutritionist Zoe Harcombe agrees, saying: ‘When dietary fat guidelines were introduced in 1983, a green light was given to the fake food industry to produce low-fat alternatives.
    'For low-fat, read low-nutrition. Cutting out real food, with the natural fat that it contains, means cutting out nutrients.
    'And it also means cutting out taste – the processed food solution to this has been to add sugar.’
    For women who still think they need to avoid dairy and fat, Diana has a message: ‘Eat everything natural in moderation, including fat. "

    ... thanks for the original link Graham - but I will pass on the £2,500 stay at Palace Merano - and instead I'll just enjoy a walk in some fresh air and cook a LCHF meal later   lol!  

    All the best Jan

    chris c

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    Re: Those 80s low fat diet fads destroyed my bones,' says Green Goddess Diana Moran

    Post by chris c on Mon Jan 25 2016, 23:44

    Coincidentally (again) I was just rereading a post from Michael Eades from about nine years ago where he is predicting the joint and other damage accruing from all the "cardio years", something ex-athlete Mark Sisson also remarked upon years back. We spent decades eating the wrong foods and doing the wrong kind of exercise and now it's catching up with us.

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    Re: Those 80s low fat diet fads destroyed my bones,' says Green Goddess Diana Moran

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