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    British Dietetic Association and why the obesity and type two diabetes epidemics get worse by the day !


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    British Dietetic Association and why the obesity and type two diabetes epidemics get worse by the day !

    Post by Eddie on Thu Feb 05 2015, 16:53

    Summary Carbohydrates are an important part of your diet and should make up half of each meal. Whenever possible choose wholegrain ‘starchy’ carbohydrates as they contain additional important ‘nutrients’ for the body. Carbohydrates are a healthy filling choice; they are better at satisfying our hunger than fatty/ sugary foods which also contain more calories. So forget those myths about carbohydrates being bad and don’t be tempted to cut out those slow releasing carbohydrates.

    Low-carbohydrate diets are sometimes used for weight loss. In the short term they can lead to side effects such as constipation, headache, bad breath and nausea. In the longer term, cutting out any food group can be bad for health because you risk missing out on vital nutrients. Low-carbohydrate diets tend to be high in fat. Eating a high-fat diet (especially one rich in saturated fat from foods such as meat, cheese, cream and butter) could increase the chances of developing heart disease. Low -carbohydrate diets may also restrict the amount of fruit, vegetables and fibre, all of which are vital for good health, including reducing cancer risk.

    Eating too little carbohydrate may lead to low blood sugar levels – called ‘hypoglycaemia’, leaving you feeling weak and light headed. It can also affect concentration as your brain needs a good supply of fuel to think and learn. Hypoglycaemia is a particular risk for people with diabetes and very active sports people. If we eat too little carbohydrate our body will begin to use up some stored fat but quickly moves on to burning protein tissue such as in the heart and muscles.

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    Type two diabetic-low carb diet (50 carbs per day) and two 500mg Metformin pills per day. Apart from diagnosis HbA1c almost 12-all HbA1c results none diabetic. For over eight years my diabetes medication has not changed. My weight has remained stable, I have suffered no ill effects from my diet whatsoever. Every blood test has proved, I took the right road to my diabetic salvation. For almost seven years, I have asked medical professionals and naysayers, how do I maintain non diabetic BG levels on two Metformin other than low carb ? The silence has been deafening !

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