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    Humorous True Work Related Stories !


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    Humorous True Work Related Stories !

    Post by mo1905 on Tue Jan 20 2015, 19:19

    I have been to some very scary, some sad, some annoying, some boring, some dangerous and a fair few funny incidents in the last few years.

    We were at a house fire and one of our first jobs is to get a water supply. Believe it or not, a fire appliance only carries enough water for a couple of minutes if large diameter hose in use. A guy was sent to find a fire hydrant. A few minutes later, we had pretty much ran out of water and couldn't understand why the hydrant was not set up. We eventually found this person sat by the hydrant playing with a frog he'd found !!

    We were returning back to the station from an incident. In the middle of the road we found a swan. Not sure if it was dead or alive, it could have caused an accident. We pulled over and put the swan in the fire truck. A few minutes later this swan suddenly jumped to life and decided to take it's anger out on the 4 personnel sat in the back ! It was actually very scary at the time but we often look back and laugh.

    Our Crew were asked to visit a local primary school to teach the kids some basic Fire Safety and let them look around the truck. I spent 20mins or so going through testing of smoke alarms, making an escape plan, how to alert the emergency services and the importance of knowing their home address etc. Once finished, I asked if there were any questions. A little boy put his hand up and asked if I'd ever ridden a camel !!!!!

    We were called to an address to aid the ambulance crews with a medical problem. We turned up only to find a young man in extreme pain but somewhat sheepish too. He'd managed to get the end of a telephone cord ( the plastic clip bit ) down the end of his.......well, you can guess. I have no idea how or why it was there but if you notice these clips they are sort of "barbed" and will not easily just pull out. He ended up in the hospital. I wonder how he told them it happened ?

    I could go on and on. Does anyone else have any funny/interesting work related stories ?

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    Re: Humorous True Work Related Stories !

    Post by Eddie on Tue Jan 20 2015, 20:16

    Love it Mo.

    Over forty years ago I worked for a company based in Lowestoft as a service engineer. The company employed about twenty reps and five engineers. All our vehicles were old and falling to bits, we used to moan about them profusely. One day we were all called up to a meeting and low and behold we were all presented with brand new cars. Ford Escort cars for the reps and Vauxhall Astra estates for the engineers. We were told in no uncertain terms to look after them.

    A few weeks later I was standing in the car park with the company MD and Sales Director. One of the lads crawled into the car park with the front hanging off his car and smoke and steam coming from underneath the bonnet. The Sales Director said “Jeez Ray what happened” he said ”not my fault Gerry, I was driving down the A12 and a huge pheasant flew straight into the front of my car” the Sales Director Gerry replied “was it frozen?” Bob the MD said with not an ounce of irony “ to do that much damage it must have been hanging up in a f**cking butchers shop” All the way back to London and to this present day it still makes me chuckle. Happy days. I often wonder what happened to those guys, they taught me a lot.

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