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    Aubergine / Eggplant Sandwich - no bread in sight !


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    Aubergine / Eggplant Sandwich - no bread in sight !

    Post by Jan1 on Mon Aug 03 2015, 11:01

    I do love sharing different recipes, and I thought this one a good idea... well sometimes a sandwich isn't just a sandwich! It doesn't always need bread!

    This idea is just great if you love veggies - and it fits so nicely into my LCHF menu plans ... here is what you do.

    Get these ingredients to make one sandwich:
    2 long slices of washed aubergine / eggplant, 1/4 inch thick each
    1 washed tomato, sliced
    1/2 avocado, sliced
    2 pieces lettuce of your choice
    Mustard to taste

    And then follow these directions:
    1. Place aubergine / eggplant pieces under broiler / grill for 2 minutes, then remove and cool.
    2. Stack your tomato, avocado, lettuce and mustard on the first piece of aubergine / eggplant just as you would if you were making something along the lines of a BLT.
    3. Top with the second piece of aubergine / eggplant.
    4. Cut in half, and enjoy ....

    What could be better?

    Original idea here

    Aubergines are an excellent source of dietary fiber. They are also a good source of Vitamins B1 and B6 and potassium. In addition it is high in the minerals copper, magnesium and manganese. A 100g serving of raw aubergine provides: 25kcal 1g protein 0.2g fat 6g carbohydrate 3.4g fibre.

    See more about aubergines here

    All the best Jan

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