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    Fluoridation - Yes or No


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    Fluoridation - Yes or No

    Post by Jan1 on Sat Aug 01 2015, 11:17

    Well not really anything to do with diabetes ... although eating a reduced amount of sugars can only help! I saw this article and thought it may interest some readers.

    " According to a report prepared by Public Health England (PHE) children in local authorities with water fluoridation schemes have less tooth decay than those in local authorities without such schemes (1). It also claims that as many as 45% fewer children aged one to four in fluoridated areas are admitted to hospital for tooth decay – primarily to have decayed teeth extracted under a general anaesthetic – than in non-fluoridated areas. The report concludes that there is no evidence of harm to health in fluoridated areas. PHE has found no differences between fluoridated and non-fluoridated areas in their rates of hip fracture, osteosarcoma (a form of bone cancer), cancers overall, Down’s syndrome births or all-cause mortality (all recorded causes of death).

    So everything in the garden is rosy then! We can carry on with the policy of fluoridation and fluoride can be introduced into the water supply in areas which currently are not doing so......"

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    All the best Jan

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