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    Password Hack


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    Password Hack Empty Password Hack

    Post by Dillinger on Tue Jul 30 2019, 09:48


    I've not been on here for a very long time; hope all's good.

    I've just received a not very competent bribery email demanding I pay money or terrible secrets about me (which don't exsist!) will be released.

    The issue with it was that it has my email and a password from this site.

    I use a password manager program so have multiple different passwords but the one shown to me was the one associated with this site (and 1 other site) so there is a chance the site has been hacked.

    I'm fairly computer literate so this biibery email doesn't worry me; I've changed my password for this site and the other one but it could worry members who receive it.

    To admin - could you have a look into that?

    Many thanks


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