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    Signs and symptoms of diabetes (type 1 and 2)


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    Signs and symptoms of diabetes (type 1 and 2) Empty Signs and symptoms of diabetes (type 1 and 2)

    Post by Jan1 on Mon May 27 2019, 14:54

    Recent article and guide by Franziska Spritzler RD on Diet Doctor site:
    "Over the past 35 years the number of people with diabetes worldwide has increased four-fold and currently stands at more than 400 million, according to the World Health Organization. What’s more, millions are unaware that they have diabetes or its precursor, prediabetes.

    Could you have diabetes? It’s a disease with many early symptoms; although some are subtle, others are hard to ignore. Read on to learn about the most common symptoms of diabetes and what you can do if you have them."

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