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    The Sheep Farmer

    chris c
    chris c

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    The Sheep Farmer Empty The Sheep Farmer

    Post by chris c Tue Jul 10 2018, 21:34

    was standing on the hillside looking over his sheep when a trendy guy drove up in his Range Rover

    "Tell you what, if I can tell you how many sheep you own, can I have one?"

    "Sure!" said the farmer.

    So he downloaded some aerial photograph onto his iPhone, made some calculations on his pocket calculator, and announced

    "You have 437 sheep!" as he loaded one into the back oh his car.

    "Tell you what, if I can guess your profession will you give it back?"


    "You're a management consultant!"

    "How did you know?"

    "Easy! You tried to charge me for information I already knew. Now give me my dog back!"

    (also applies to other "professions")

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