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Promoting a low carb high fat lifestyle for the safe control of diabetes. Eat whole fresh food, more drugs are not the answer.

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    Some links to other websites and blogs worth visiting.


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    Some links to other websites and blogs worth visiting. Empty Some links to other websites and blogs worth visiting.

    Post by Admin Sun Apr 19 2015, 16:36

    Franziska Spritzler, RD, CDE Check out a Dietitian who believes a low carb high fat diet can be safe and viable method for assisting in the control of diabetes.
    The website of Jimmy Moore a staunch low carb advocate.
    Check out Dr.Jay’s blog, one of the good guys and a low carbing diabetic.
    A massive site with a huge amount of great information for living a healthy life.
    David Mendosa is not a doctor but is a long term diabetic and an expert on all things related to diabetes.
    Dr. Katharine Morrison is a G.P. working in the U.K. and is one of the few doctors courageous enough to speak out against the high carbohydrate dietary madness usually given to newly diagnosed diabetics. She has a type 1 diabetic son.
    Check out this great site, obviously many recipes not suitable for diabetics or low carbers. Just substitute or avoid the usual high starch/sugar suspects.
    The worlds healthiest foods. Great information and video’s from the highly knowledgeable and friendly George. Not all recipes are suitable for diabetics.
    A huge amount of information and many great recipes and food ideas.
    A great site for checking detailed information about food and nutritional values etc.
    A great site for information regarding medical matters including diabetic complications, treatment and medication etc.
    Bloodsugar101 an excellent site well worth a look.

    The Blog author,Ewelina Derda,is a Type 1 diabetic and has compiled some wonderful low carb dessert recipes,a must see for all low carbers that have a sweet tooth.

    Another interesting site with great LCHF dietary articles and advice.

    Interesting articles from such authors as Dr Malcolm Kendrick,John Briffa,Zoe Harcombe et al

    The low carb diabetic website. Primarily for type two diabetics newly diagnosed or long term non insulin users looking to gain better control of blood glucose numbers.

    This is our main blog.

    A less controversial blog for all aspects of diabetes and the low carb lifestyle.

    A very basic guide to get you started on a low carb lifestyle.
    All recipes easy to make with no specialist skills or equipment needed.

    Follow the low carb diabetic on twitter here.

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