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    Five simple health and fitness tips for 2015 - or any year.


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    Five simple health and fitness tips for 2015 - or any year.

    Post by Jan1 on Thu Jan 15 2015, 21:15

    You may have already read this post on The Low Carb Diabetic Blog link here : ...... but I thought it worth putting a post here on the Forum too.

    These are my five simple health and fitness tips, but please note I am not a medical person, nor do I have any underlying health issues. I can only share my experience with you, the reader, but by following these five simple tips for more than six years now, my health and fitness has been good.

    Eddie, my husband a Type 2 diabetic reduced his HbA1c from in the 12’s (at diagnosis)  to the 5’s. By living this lifestyle, his blood sugar levels remain constant, and his only diabetic medication is metformin.  Some Type 2 Diabetics, who have also followed this lifestyle, have reduced their dependence on medication too, which surely must be beneficial.

    These five markers have become a ‘lifestyle’ and I certainly would not go back to eating ’carbage’. I do not eat more than 50 carbs each day but it is balanced by the amount of fat and protein I eat. You need to work out a balance that suits you, take your lifestyle, your work patterns etc. into account. This is not difficult to do but you have to make the choice and then put your choice into action.

    If you are diabetic use your meter to keep a check on your blood sugar readings. If you choose to start out on this lifestyle take it one step at a time, it’s not a race and you may find that a gradual reduction works better for you.

    So to re-cap for me - keeping my body healthy is following this lifestyle:

    1) Eating low carb whole foods,
    2) Eating high fat natural foods,
    3) Eating moderate protein foods,
    4) Taking exercise, that suit’s the individual,
    5) Establish a good sleep pattern.

    You only have to read around the many blogs and forums, read the various articles, look at who is talking about living this low carb lifestyle, to get a good indication of the many people this has helped.

    Whether you are non diabetic, a Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetic. Perhaps your family has a History of other illnesses that could benefit from living this lifestyle, if you haven’t already given it some thought I would urge you to.

    As always the choice comes down to YOU the individual.

    Take Care and ...........

    All the best Jan

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    Re: Five simple health and fitness tips for 2015 - or any year.

    Post by mo1905 on Thu Jan 15 2015, 21:20

    Nice post Jan. I think those 5 tips are good advice for diabetics and non-diabetics ( muggles ) alike !

    Type1, Humalog and Solostar, Metformin, Lisinopril ( BP ), last HbA1C 41 ( 5.9% ), 20th Oct 2014, HbA1C 43 ( 6.1% ) 9th Mar 2015.

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