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    More recent Type 1 research

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    More recent Type 1 research Empty More recent Type 1 research

    Post by chris c on Tue Jul 31 2018, 23:40

    C-Peptide Decline in Type 1
    Diabetes Has Two Phases: An
    Initial Exponential Fall and a
    Subsequent Stable Phase

    I can remember a long time back a study on Joslin's fifty year medalists which found that some still produced tiny but measurable amounts of insulin, and these were less likely to suffer complications.

    The theory was that although there wan't enough insulin to affect the rest of the body, it might have been sufficient to control the alpha cells and their output of glucagon, which ties in with some of Roger Unger's work.

    There are some cases of Type 1s remaining in honeymoon for extended periods, mainly using low carb or keto diets, suggesting that the autoimmune attack can be greatly slowed if not halted if caught soon enough.

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