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    Petrol stations introduce new £99 charge to pay at the pump


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    Petrol stations introduce new £99 charge to pay at the pump

    Post by Jan1 on Wed May 09 2018, 10:32

    Petrol prices do differ depending on which petrol station you fill up your motor car!
    Do you use the pay at pump option, or are you like me prefer to go into the kiosk and pay?

    I saw this in the Telegraph and thought it one to share ...

    'Supermarket petrol pumps are starting to charge drivers a £99 fee to pay at the pump under a new European-style rule change by Visa and Mastercard.

    The "pre-authorization charge" is being introduced to ensure drivers have enough money to cover the amount of fuel they put in their cars if they choose to pay at the pump instead of at a kiosk.

    Last month Asda became the first supermarket to introduce the charge at three stores, but has been met with complaints from customers.

    One customer claimed the £99 charge was deducted from her bank balance and not returned for two days.  Although the money is deducted from the customer's bank balance or credit card limit it is held in limbo but never actually leaves their account.

    Once the payment for the petrol has cleared the charge will reappear on the customer's balance. This can take as little as 20 minutes or as long as two to three days.

    It is understood that supermarkets have now put plans to introduce the charge on ice following consumer outrage and confusion.

    Tesco, Sainsbury's and Morrisons have not yet implemented the £99 charge but are "reviewing the situation" and plan to introduce it in the near future. It is already over nine months since Visa and Mastercard changed the rules last year.
    Previously rules stated a pre-authorization charge of £1 should be taken at petrol pumps.

    A spokesman at Mastercard said: "Last year a change in industry rules meant that petrol stations with automated fuel pumps were required to pre-authorise a value equivalent to a full tank of fuel, so that customers didn’t fill up with more fuel than they could afford.  This is designed to protect them, and the petrol station.'

    All the best Jan
    chris c

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    Re: Petrol stations introduce new £99 charge to pay at the pump

    Post by chris c on Thu May 10 2018, 22:08

    Oh I remember something like that happening once, quite a long time ago. The petrol station had a payment window but after the shop closed they went over to pay-at-the-pump. It was too confusing and since then I use the supermarket filling station which closes when the whole place closes. It stays open until 10 pm and 8 pm on saturdays and I think 4 pm on sundays, I can't remember what the filling station the other end of town does but I suspect that also closes when the shop closes.

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