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    Guide for low-carb dietitians


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    Guide for low-carb dietitians

    Post by Jan1 on Wed Apr 11 2018, 22:44

    Franziska Spritzler RD - Low Carb Dietitian has recently had an article published on Diet Doctor site that both, low carb, dietitians and those who are not dietitians may be interested in reading.

    She writes:
    "For decades, doctors specializing in diabetes and obesity management have recommended low-carb diets to their patients, typically with excellent results. However, dietetic associations and many dietitians traditionally hold negative views of carb-restricted diets, often criticizing them as being unbalanced, unsafe, and unsustainable.

    As a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator who has followed and recommended a low-carb lifestyle for more than six years, I respectfully disagree. Moreover, I feel that dietitians should be aware of the mounting evidence supporting carbohydrate restriction and learn how to successfully work with patients and clients using this approach."


    "Low-carb dietitians: a growing breed
    I firmly believe that as dietitians, we can help people become healthier by providing individualized recommendations based on nutrient-dense, unprocessed low-carb plant and animal foods. Fortunately, the number of dietitians who practice low carb – or are open to doing so – is growing at a steady pace.

    However, I feel we need to be diplomatic and respectful when engaging with colleagues who don’t yet share our views, both for the sake of remaining professional and protecting ourselves from being targeted. As experimental and anecdotal evidence supporting carb restriction continues to mount, I’m confident that more and more dietitians will recognize the importance of offering this option to patients and clients."

    The above is only a snippet from her article, which you can read in full here

    Franziska's blog can be found here

    All the best Jan

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