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    Type 2 diabetes market set to soar to $64bn by 2026


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    Type 2 diabetes market set to soar to $64bn by 2026

    Post by graham64 on Thu Aug 17 2017, 22:26

    Rising prevalence, progressive nature and diagnosis of the condition behind the surge

    The type 2 diabetes market is set to surge, rising from $28.6bn in 2016 to an estimated $64bn in 2026.

    The seven major markets of the US, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK and Japan are expected to see 8.4% compound annual growth, driven by the condition’s rising prevalence, progressive nature and diagnosis.

    The rise in disease-related comorbidities will also play a part in the projected market boost as more patients require multiple drug therapies, according to research and analysis group GlobalData.

    Managing healthcare analyst Jesus Cuaron said: “All currently available treatments for type 2 diabetes are initially effective and reduce complication rates, but they lack the ability to maintain glycaemic control in the long term because of the progressive nature of pancreatic B-cell dysfunction.

    “This represents one of the highest unmet needs in the type 2 diabetes space and demonstrates that the market has a significant growth opportunity for new patent-protected products that successfully address underlying disease pathology, cardiovascular concerns or compliance issues.”,_says_globaldata_1202514

    "progressive nature of pancreatic B-cell dysfunction." That would be correct but only for those following the a diet high in carbs and low in fat as recommended by DUK/NHS. We of course will progress at a far slower rate, for me after getting on for 10 years it's not been noticeable but then I'm just an anecdote Rolling Eyes

    I'm a skinny T2 diagnosed 4/4/2008, a high calorie LCHF diet and one metformin a day A1c 6.2 and no complications.

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    chris c

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    Re: Type 2 diabetes market set to soar to $64bn by 2026

    Post by chris c on Sat Aug 19 2017, 22:16

    The Agenda Is Revealed.

    By now there must be at least thousands of us "just anecdotes" kicking a big hole in their bottom line. Expect to see a plethora of new "research" into the Harms Of Low Carbing RSN.

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