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    Cloud Eggs or Egg Nests


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    Cloud Eggs or Egg Nests

    Post by Jan1 on Sat May 20 2017, 18:18

    Whether you call them cloud eggs or eggs nests they are 'all the rage' and everyone is eating them!

    Are they new?

    Are they tasty?

    "It all started with a book. A whimsically illustrated French children’s book about cooking, called La cuisine est un jeu d’enfants, or “Cooking is Child’s Play”. First published in French in 1963, a version that included both the original French and the English translation was published by Random House in 1965. I first stumbled upon this book a few years ago and have been buying up used copies wherever I can find them, as gifts for my young friends who like to cook."

    I never get fed up looking at this fantastic site. So many fantastic recipes and food ideas. BTW, I never get fed up with a low carb lifestyle, how could I, it has put years of active life on me. Eddie

    Check out this fantastic recipe and site here.

    The above was posted by Eddie on the low carb diabetic blog back in 2014 ...

    Have you tried them yet?

    All the best Jan

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