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    " Kiss Me! "


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    " Kiss Me! "

    Post by Jan1 on Sat Mar 04 2017, 14:18

    " Kiss Me! "

    Well it's Saturday and this post has nothing to do with Diabetes ... or recipes  Smile

    Did you know that 'Rock Pooling in February can provide some interesting finds!

    Yes, blogger Tommy, at Fair Isle showed some interesting finds recently.

    I don't think I'd want to kiss this sea scorpion though  Exclamation

    He has some photo's which you may want to go and see ... I'll give the link below,

    Speaking personally I think rock pooling can be great ... looking back I've some great memories of beach walks and rock pools.

    With my own parents and also as parents and grandparents.
    Give a child a beach, some sand, some rock pools and I've found they can spend many a happy hour ...

    Link here

    All the best Jan

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