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    Post by chris c on Mon Dec 19 2016, 21:22

    A bit of background for those who don't follow the Paleo Controversies:-

    Stephan Guyenet (Whole Health Source) used to be fairly interesting, up until he became a professional Obesity researcher, working for Michael Schwartz (not the chef, the researcher).

    He reversed all his previous views, even to the extent of cancelling a lot of his old blog posts including all the comments (sound familiar?) If he'd left the posts and added an explanation as to why he no longer believed them no-one would have had a problem.

    He started following a theory called Food Reward, which frankly no-one can understand, and declared that insulin has nothing to do with weight gain, which no-one can believe.

    He got offended by a fairly robust remark from Gary Taubes at a conference which made him determined to prove that actually insulin was a satiety hormone.

    He self-destructed quite spectacularly on Peter's blog (Hyperlipid). Peter is a vet and VERY knowledgeable about metabolism, not only in humans.

    He then decided to "prove" that dogs were not carnivores but could eat starch. This was around the time that a lot of ex-Paleo peeps had turned against low carb and started adding "safe starches", mainly potatoes.

    Now they may be "safe" for slim fit active young people with no metabolic problems but not for the likes of us. Or for pets considering the massive rise of obesity and diabetes in cats and dogs since pet food started to be based on "healthy whole grains".

    Wooo and most of her commenters are knowledgeable and highly sarcastic. This thread made me laugh out loud several times

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