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    Do we need to detox from technology?


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    Do we need to detox from technology?

    Post by Jan1 on Sat Nov 26 2016, 13:14

    These words from Gary Barlow ... who has installed a digital detox in his household.
    The Take That star, 45, told the Daily Mail he was inspired by a trip to a juicing retreat in Portugal.
    And now his family steer clear of "blue-light" technology after 8pm.

    The singer, who has three children - aged, 16, 14 and seven - was quoted as telling the Mail: "Never mind food, we need detoxing from bloody technology.
    "It's in everyone's lives and I don't think you realise what a problem it is until you stop it.
    "It's almost like having a permanent nervous twitch: Quick, check Twitter! Quick, check the news! Quick, check Google! It's crazy.

    "Wellbeing is a completely under-rated subject and I think in this stressful age, we never really take a real holiday or check out from the real world."
    Gary, who is about to appear on BBC1 show Let It Shine, added: "Now I regularly turn my phone off and in our household now we try not to put on the wi-fi, watch a screen or have any blue light after 8 o'clock at night - and I realise the world continues to turn and nobody dies if I don't answer an email immediately."

    link to story here

    Perhaps he does have a point?
    How many of us reach for our phones, turn on the computer as we wake up?

    How many do you see out texting, talking, looking at their phones?

    Maybe we all need to say between x time and y time no social media?

    Now there's a thought ...
    What say you???

    All the best Jan

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