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    My Wheat Experiment

    chris c

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    My Wheat Experiment

    Post by chris c on Mon Nov 07 2016, 21:07

    Long ago, having not eaten wheat for a long time, a particularly odoriferous baguette still warm from the bakery called out to me and told me how nice it would taste filled with grass-fed butter dripping off streaky bacon.

    Next day I had a brown trouser incident.

    When I met my cousin most of the food in the pub was off, presumably eaten over the weekend and new supplies hadn't arrived yet. I had a bowl of carrot and coriander soup with crusty white bread, which actually wasn't that crusty. I had one slice with all the butter.

    Farted a bit and my guts grumbled, but that was it.

    So last week I tried another experiment. A pepperoni pizza (which I used to love). I know from past experience that it wouldn't affect my BG much, I ate half one night with a load of sprouts and the other half the following night with spinach. Both times washed down with a glass of a nice Chianti.

    Disaster! This time I was constipated for two days, which despite Chris Cashin's dire predictions almost never happens, I am generally regular as an atomic clock.

    Not only that but my guts grumbled a lot and felt quite sore. This went on for nearly a week before clearing up.

    To think that I used to eat this stuff several times a day for most of my life.

    The worst of it was it didn't even taste that good. Only 38g carbs per half pizza but cloyingly sweet from all the sugar in the tomato sauce.

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    Re: My Wheat Experiment

    Post by graham64 on Mon Nov 07 2016, 22:01

    Reckon you deserve everything you got Chris Laughing but at least you've found the perfect remedy for constipation that will counteract the effects of a LC diet lacking in spuds Neutral

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