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    chris c

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    Re: Birds

    Post by chris c on Mon Aug 06 2018, 23:21

    Lots of young tits and finches around in various places, they seem to have bred well. Some young Stonechats that had me fooled, normally they are very conspicuous on top of especially gorse bushes but these were skulking about, only the call gave them away. Also a baby Bullfinch with its mother making a hell of a din but being almost completely invisible.

    I heard a Marsh Harrier very high up over the reedbeds, so high I couldn't see it at first. Then one of the youngsters (they also seem to have bred well) circled up to join it. I hoped they might do one of their spectacular dives back to the ground but they soared on so high that in the end I lost them against a cloud.

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