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    'Chief internet evangelist'


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    'Chief internet evangelist'

    Post by Jan1 on Wed Sep 07 2016, 11:45

    Our youngest completed his degree course a few years back and was fortunate to find work immediately ... but as we know from the news etc for many finding that first job is not always easy.

    In recent times it would seem that there is much un-certainty in the jobs market.

    I must admit, I can remember ... must be forty years ago now, working in an office where the big discussion was 'we were going computerized' I can recall not many of the staff were too keen  Evil or Very Mad

    However, all these years on - it all seems a lifetime away.

    Job titles over the years have changed too,

    I can remember the 'tea lady' coming around with her trolley during the afternoon, perhaps that should be 'tea person' Exclamation  Question
    Now apparently the job title could be a ' Cup technician '

    Is it me or is life getting stranger by the day ...

    "The world's weirdest job titles,

    Some real-world job titles are even weirder: here are some of the funniest we've found.

    Overblown titles
    Airport jumper (delivers newspapers at Hartsfield Jackson Airport)
    Talent delivery manager (recruiter at Randstad)
    Portable associate (portable toilet cleaner for Sunbelt Rentals)
    Highway environmental hygienist (US road sweeper)
    Director of first impressions (receptionist at Houghton Mifton Court)
    iCup technician (tea-maker at Apple)
    Barista Guru (coffee-maker at Sky TV)
    Catalyst (office manager at Detroit Venture Partners)
    Dream consultant (assistant at TechShop)
    Europe travel guru (travel agent)"

    ... and by the way "Who would imagine, for example, that the job of 'chief internet evangelist' would mean advising Google on technology policy, rather than preaching fire and brimstone online?"

    Above taken from a  longer article, which you may wish to read here

    Anyway this 'cup technician' is off to the kitchen to put the kettle on

    Enjoy your day  sunny

    All the best Jan
    chris c

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    Re: 'Chief internet evangelist'

    Post by chris c on Fri Sep 09 2016, 22:42

    I remember the "paperless office", and each morning receiving a HUGE printout from the IBM line printer. As someone said, "the paperless office is as likely as the paperless toilet". We could almost have employed someone full time feeding redundant printouts through the shredder for packing material. I wonder what job title they might have been given.

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