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    Top 10 Fattest Countries In The World – 2016 List


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    Top 10 Fattest Countries In The World – 2016 List

    Post by Jan1 on Tue Jun 21 2016, 09:38

    "It’s no secret that the world has been consistently getting more and more fat over the years. In nearly every country obesity rates are on the rise: in poor countries and rich countries, in young people and old. The causes of increased obesity are easy to trace and not difficult to understand. More and more people are moving to cities. In cities, there is higher access to inexpensive, unhealthy food. People don’t need to move around as much, and often spend entire days at desks or behind computers where they don’t burn enough of the calories that they’re consuming. Our access to junk food and soda has never been greater, and our lives are becoming more and more sedentary. In 2016, around forty percent of the adults in the world can be classified as overweight. In over a hundred countries across the world, more than half of the adult population is overweight.

    Millions of people are dying from obesity-related issues every year. Instances of diabetes, heart disease, and other problems are on the rise. The global food supply has seen a steady increase, which obviously has huge benefits across the world. At the same time, countries haven’t really been able to reverse their troubling obesity rates. Many Americans have the idea that they probably live in the fattest country in the world. While this isn’t true, they do crack the top ten. This list is organized by percentage of the population that can be classified as being obese. Behold, the ten fattest countries in the world this year.

    No 1.
    Kuwait has become king of the fattest countries in the world in recent years. It is commonly said that their love for fast food has lead to the alarmingly high rates of obesity. 13% of the people in the entire world are said to be obese. Over three times this percentage are obese in Kuwait. The definition of overweight is a BMI of 25 or more, and the definition of obese is a DMI of 30 or more. The high consumption of fast food in Kuwait has lead to introduction of another American idea: stomach stapling. Kuwait is said to have the highest rates of stomach stapling of any country.  Around five thousand stomach staple procedures are performed in a given year in a country with a pretty small population of around three and a half million people. Like other countries on this list, the increased prosperity from oil, the influx of American food, and different cultural ideas about weight and eating have lead to very high rates of overweight and obese people in Kuwait.

    No 7.
    South Africa is the first of a few African nations that appear on this list. Many African countries struggle with high instances of poverty and undernourishment, caused by an inadequate food supply, inequality, and bad food distribution systems. However, in many countries with high rates of hunger, obesity is also on the rise. It seems crazy, but the number of obese people in developing countries is said to have tripled or quadrupled in the last few decades. This is surely a result of grossly unhealthy food that causes people to become overweight but still doesn’t nourish them properly. It is also the result of extreme inequality and corruption. In South Africa, some say that nearly half of the country’s total deaths are caused by heart attacks and strokes, which usually can be traced to being overweight or obese.

    No. 10
    The US has a reputation across the world for being one of the fattest countries. It is perceived by many countries as being a decadent country. Documentaries like “Supersize Me” have outlined the country’s seeming addiction to junk food and disregard for basic ideas with regards to healthy eating and living. So, it isn’t as bad as it seems, with the United States at number ten on this list, with less than a third of its population qualifying as obese. Still, it stands out on this list because it has a way higher standard of living than any of these other countries. It is the richest and most powerful country in the world, and as such, it should not be so far behind comparable countries when it comes to the health of its population. There are, of course, other issues that the United States struggles with when compared to similar western countries, such as literacy, equality, and safety. The good news for the United States is that the amount of overweight people has been dropping lately. The bad news is that the percentage of people who are obese has been on the rise.

    These words / snippet above from full article here

    Also on Diet Doctor site here

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    Re: Top 10 Fattest Countries In The World – 2016 List

    Post by chris c on Wed Jun 22 2016, 21:16

    After the latest hoo-ha on the news about obesity I found this in the Guardian

    I only read a few of the comments but was pleasantly surprised, the Grauniad has long been a hold-out of militant vegans and low carb antis, especially compared to the comments in the Daily Mail believe it or not.

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