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    Concerns that saturated fats have been unfairly 'demonised' prompts Government advice re-think


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    Concerns that saturated fats have been unfairly 'demonised' prompts Government advice re-think

    Post by graham64 on Sun Jun 12 2016, 22:20

    The government is reviewing its guidelines on the consumption of saturated fats, such as those in butter and cheese, after claims that fatty foods have been wrongly “demonised”.

    Current advice states that saturated fats should be restricted to 10 percent of the total calories consumed, following years of prevailing thought which linked it to an increased risk of heart disease.

    Two studies in the last two years found no such link, however.

    Minutes from the saturated fats working group of the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) now reveal that a decision has been made to re-examine government advice on saturated fat “in the context of recent met-analyses that have reported no significant associations between saturated fats and cardiovascular disease”.

    Food Standards Scotland has also requested a review.

    The working group will consider and links between the consumption of saturated fat and any links to overall mortality rates, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer.

    The review could prompt the most significant overhaul of dietary advice in recent decades.

    It coincides with a controversial report last month by the National Obesity Forum which recommended that people eat more fat and fewer carbohydrates.

    A report in the medical journal Open Heart last year said the government’s advice to reduce the amount of fat in the diet, introduced in 1983 in a bid to cut rates of coronary heart disease, was not supported by the scientific evidence available at the time, including the results of randomised controlled trials.

    Aseem Malhotra, a cardiologist and National Obesity Forum members, said: “Saturated fat has been wrongly demonised because of poor science.”

    “The evidence is accumulating that sugar is the number one dietary culprit driving cardiovascular disease.”

    The SACN working group is expected to start drafting its report in September.

    It will focus on saturated fat but may also review the recommended amount of total fat in the diet, which currently amounts to 35% of intake.

    Public Health England said official advice on saturated fat consumption would remain in place until the committee delivered its report.

    Could do with an independent panel to many conflicts of interest in the SACN view here

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    Re: Concerns that saturated fats have been unfairly 'demonised' prompts Government advice re-think

    Post by chris c on Wed Jun 15 2016, 00:06

    It's about time! The famous metastudy by Patty Siri-Tarino, Ron Krauss and Frank Hu was in 2010 and covered studies going back ages. Hu later dissociated himself from the study which made him look a tad foolish as the work had previously been done by Andrew Mente in 2009 in another metastudy

    Meanwhile more and more work is pointing the finger at Omega 6 oils which no longer look very heart healthy despite all the money they pay Walt Willett.

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