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    £28 million worth of carrier bags stolen since 5p charge introduced


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    £28 million worth of carrier bags stolen since 5p charge introduced

    Post by Jan1 on Sun Jan 17 2016, 13:04

    Since the charge for bags has been introduced in our supermarkets I have got into the habit of always having a plastic bag - or similar - with me. Well I can't go out buying all our wonderful LCHF food without can I ...
    For us 'older ones' I can remember when growing up we always used our own bags when out shopping with mum, in fact does anyone know when the 'free' plastic bags were first introduced in supermarkets?

    Did you see the headline and stories about the 'theft' of the plastic bags ?

    Here is one such article:

    £28 million worth of carrier bags stolen since 5p charge introduced ...
    More than half of shoppers admit to theft

    Light-fingered British shoppers have stolen a whopping 520 million plastic bags from supermarkets since the 5p carrier bag charge was introduced.

    According to research from, more than half of supermarket shoppers admit to having swiped a bag without paying, after forgetting to bring their own.

    Asked why, a third said they believed the charge was simply a money-making exercise, with a quarter saying it was a waste of money. A similar number said they stole bags simply because they thought they could get away with it; and one in six claimed they didn't have the right money to pay for one.

    All in all, it adds up to £26.7 million worth of bags stolen since the charge was introduced in October, mostly from self-service checkouts which rely on a customer's honesty.

    "The fact that over half of people in England aren't paying for their career bags is quite scary. This means that the effect isn't as desired and carrier bags will still be prominent in the English shop," George Charles of tells the Daily Telegraph.

    "Action needed to be taken and I hope people in England start to take responsibility over their carrier bags."

    Before the charge was introduced, British shoppers were getting through an average of 11 carrier bags a month each. In the five years after a 5p charge was introduced in Wales, though, the use of plastic bags fell by 71%, and in Scotland it fell by 80% during the first year of a charge. The government's hoping for a similar fall in England too.

    The money raised by the levy goes to good causes, chosen by the supermarkets themselves, and the government hopes to raise £730 million over the next ten years.

    When the charge was first introduced, some shoppers resorted to extreme measures to avoid paying. Some simply walked off with the supermarket's wire baskets or trolleys, and one Tesco store was reduced to putting security tags on its baskets after losing a third to theft in the first week of the charge. Another even tagged its 10p Bags for Life for the same reason.

    "5p for a bag, quid for a trolley #NoBrainer #Needed6Bags," one shameless thief boasted on Twitter.

    Story from here

    Anyway as pink is my favourite colour perhaps my shopping bags should be like this! Just a thought ...

    All the best Jan
    chris c

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    Re: £28 million worth of carrier bags stolen since 5p charge introduced

    Post by chris c on Mon Jan 18 2016, 22:30

    I always used to re-use my carrier bags until they fell apart. Then I'd use them to put garbage in. 

    When I was young we had a wicker shopping basket. I still have one of those blue checked bags that predates my marriage but it is now relegated to taking bottles to the bottle bank. I have a couple of Freetrade cotton bags that must be about ten years old and a couple of newer "bags for life" that will probably outlast me.

    Can't really remember when the plastic bags came in but it must be the eighties or even the seventies.

    I remember a cartoon from the early seventies

    "This is my new dustbin. It's made of plastic and won't rust, burn or rot"

    "What do you use it for?"

    "I use it for all my garbage that won't rust, burn or rot!"

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