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    BBC news: Everyone 'should take vitamin D pills'


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    BBC news: Everyone 'should take vitamin D pills'

    Post by graham64 on Mon Aug 03 2015, 22:14

    Everyone should consider taking vitamin D supplements to counter the lack of sunshine in the UK, government experts are proposing.

    The draft Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition guidelines suggest, from the age of one, 10 microgram pills be taken to ensure people get enough.

    The plans are now being consulted on until 23 September.

    Current advice is only at risk groups - including pregnant women, under fives and over 65s - should take supplements.

    But as there is no easy way of assessing who is getting enough vitamin D, SACN has proposed a blanket recommendation for everyone because of the benefits it would bring.

    The risk of getting too much vitamin D is considered to be extremely low.

    Winter months

    It comes after the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), which advises the NHS on treatments, has already suggested vitamin D should be given more widely to counter a hidden epidemics of deficiency.

    Official estimates suggest one in five adults and one in six children in England may have low levels.

    People get most of their vitamin D from the action of sunlight on their skin. But the amount in food is small, unlike many other vitamins.

    The low level of sunlight during winter months means people in the UK are at risk.

    The NICE guidelines called for more free supplements and for supermarkets to sell low-cost tablets.

    Deficiency can result in rickets and brittle bones.

    Can't really see 400iu making a big difference still I suppose it's a start

    I'm a skinny T2 diagnosed 4/4/2008, a high calorie LCHF diet and one metformin a day A1c 6.2 and no complications.

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    Re: BBC news: Everyone 'should take vitamin D pills'

    Post by zand on Tue Aug 04 2015, 13:05

    Thanks Graham. Smile

    I recently paid for a private vit D test. The result was:-
    Total Vitamin D :

    31.2 nmol/L

    less than 30 nmol/L is deficient
    greater than 50 nmol/L is adequate.

    I asked my GP for a vitamin D test last year, but have never seen one on my printouts from my surgery, even though he told me my levels were OK. So I decided to do a finger prick test by post. I am a little cross because I may not have needed to go on anti depressants at all if I had known that I was almost deficient in vitmain D, but I guess since it's actually not quite in the deficient range I may not have been told the result anyway.

    I will send for another test to check my levels when I have topped up with Vitamin D3 sunny sunny sunny sunny sunny And yes I'll spend more time in the garden too. Smile flower flower flower flower flower

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