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    DCUK Kman on the last lap, it's official !


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    DCUK Kman on the last lap, it's official !

    Post by Eddie on Fri May 22 2015, 17:45

    Over at the flog some may remember Kman's first post around two years ago, called "Terminal and scared" regarding his imminent demise. He was going down fast with total organ failure, and was days away from the knackers yard. The thread contained so many contradictions and anomalies it was locked, or deleted I can't remember which.

    That tome of doom was followed up with the imaginatively titled "Terminal and scared-UPDATE" Why this thread has survived is beyond me. One thing that cannot be argued,  Kman has defied all known medical science. To survive two years with total organ failure is a first, and I sincerely hope he has donated his carcass to medical science, much can be learned. Maybe we will be informed when he checks out, but don't be at all surprised if we continue to hear from him.


    Type two diabetic-low carb diet (50 carbs per day) and two 500mg Metformin pills per day. Apart from diagnosis HbA1c almost 12-all HbA1c results none diabetic. For over eight years my diabetes medication has not changed. My weight has remained stable, I have suffered no ill effects from my diet whatsoever. Every blood test has proved, I took the right road to my diabetic salvation. For almost seven years, I have asked medical professionals and naysayers, how do I maintain non diabetic BG levels on two Metformin other than low carb ? The silence has been deafening !

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