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    Some useful links Empty Some useful links

    Post by Admin on Thu Aug 14 2014, 01:33

    Diabetes. ... fAodTxUIVA ( Diabetes UK) ... betes.aspx ( NHS Choices Diabetes ) ... ction.aspx ( NHS Choices Type 2 ) ... ction.aspx ( NHS Choices Type 1 ) ... _hba1c.htm ( What is HBa1c ? ) ( Useful nutritional information site, US based )

    Work and Benefits (The Disability handbook ) (Diabetes Mellitus in Adults) ( About the Equality Act 2010) ( a helpful site, some advice is free but some is only available if you subscribe)

    (Employment and Support Allowance – introduction) ... /DG_171894 ... G_10017715 (Disability Living Allowance)

    Driving With Diabetes.

    (Changes to the standards for drivers with Diabetes Mellitus – latest update 28th October 2011 )

    [url= 3 changes to the standards for drivers with diabetes mellitus Latest Update.aspx] ... pdate.aspx[/url]

    (Group 2 (LGV/PCV) drivers with diabetes mellitus who switch from tablets to insulin)

    [url= 2 drivers with diabetes mellitus who switch from tablets to insulin.aspx] ... sulin.aspx[/url]

    (Information for drivers)

    Professional Bodies and Unions

    A list of UK unions)

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